Liliana Otálora

Liliana Otálora.

Life to design.

As a founder of ÓXIDOS SAS, Liliana is working since 1994, creating and producing objects that appeal and sell well.

Since a child, Liliana was always painting, drawing and coloring, it was a natural skill, a talent.
She studied Industrial Design at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University at Bogotá - Colombia. This major allowed her to create her own business designing her own products, decoration and furniture made mainly in metal. She started working in an oil company in the Corporate Relationship Department, among her duties; she has to produce scale models in metal to present the oil extraction process.

After that, she worked in a company where gain experience in administrative and production areas.

With this experience, Liliana decides to set her own business creating products in metal that she exhibited at a flee market.

Shortly afterwards she started to display her products in different shows like Ambiente in Frankfurt-Germany, New York Now and Atlanta Americasmart in The United States where the byers have fallen in love with her products.